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Mackensey Smith

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What is waiting to awaken within you?

We were born to embody our Radiant nature, our true soul essence, and purpose. However, in today’s world so many of us have become disconnected and lost on our journey. Negative thought forms, emotional blocks, and old stories keep us stagnant and through this disconnected relationship with self and Spirit we suffer. My vision is that through Breathwork and Reiki healing, shining light and embracing all aspects of who we are we can re-align with our place in the spiral of life and find the wholeness we have forgotten.

My personal journey has taken me down into the underworld and back many times, and I am here as a guide and space holder for you as you tread your own spiral path down into your darkness to uncover the Radiant treasures dwelling there. You have a unique gift, an integral role to play in this lifetime, it’s time to stop playing small.

Mackensey Smith

As a result of my personal healing journey with Breathwork and Reiki, my belief is that each of us has a spark of Radiance, an inner light that if tapped will expand into our lives, guiding us to manifest our dreams, discover our unique journey to self-fulfillment, and by stepping into that helping others to do the same.

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